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"The bodywork I provide is a dedication to results, a massage that changes you holistically, so you may experience wellness in a brand new way. I want you leave cheerful, satisfied, and better." 

Maiku Braxton

 -In 2013 Maiku has Educated over 180 Massage Therapists in the San Francisco Bay Area -

"I bought my first massage book at fifteen with my mom's credit card," says Mike, "She was upset but upon learning what I actually bought she shrugged it off as a minor infraction." His first memory of massage is one of massaging his grandmother's feet after returning home from the hospital she worked at as a nurse. Her pleased look would resonate through his life as a constant reminder of the healing power of touch. His high school years were punctuated by theatre arts and backstage warm up massages where the various cast-mates would line up before a rehearsal for rub-down from Mike. After some time in college spent majoring in English and Theatre Arts, on the advice of a colleague he left his small town of Merced to Sacramento to Pursue his dreams of healing with his hands.

In Sacramento, a virtual haven for massage schools, Mike found himself working at a hospitality job. However, with formal massage training starting in June 2002  Mike attended the High Tech Institute, Sacramento Campus and developed a firm grasp on therapeutic massage. He obtained training from, not one but four experienced instructors for an entire eleven months. It allowed him to develop a unique style of massage from four unique perspectives: Clinical, Holistic, Therapeutic, and Energy. 

Before graduating in June 2005, Mike found himself hired at the largest Day Spa company in Sacramento, Mellow Me Out. This led him to transfer and open the third location in the heart of Downtown Sacramento, and was subsequently promoted to Assistant Manager after merely seven months of employment.

2006 embraced Mike with a new opportunity as Staffing Supervisor and Employee Trainer at the only Spa Retreat in Sacramento, The Way Within. In less than a year Mike began teaching his techniques to other therapists to increase their talents. This is where his moniker 'Magic Hands' was awarded.

By 2007 he started taking on his own clients in a small self-owned practice and worked full-time for Body Recess within ActiveLife Chiropractic. After his contract had expired with Body Recess the Doctors requested him to continue on as a part of the team and thus M. Braxton Massage Therapy was born.

Most recently he has given his Ten years of Experience to helping to jumpstart various massage providers in the Bay Area: SKIN by Elizabeth, Hyde Street Wellness Cooperative, Latch, So,& Hipp Chiropractic, and Massage Envy Spa in San Francisco. 

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